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Planning Start The Journey To Being ...Deliberately Wealthy

Wealth planning isn’t asset allocation, estate planning or what you might think of as financial planning — though, done right, it addresses those areas.

The process begins with an in-depth discussion that goes well beyond investments to address what you care about most. Your wealth plan will be a living manuscript that can help you minimize financial risks to your way of life, guard and pass on your life’s rewards.

Your Wealth Planner can work in conjunction with your dedicated Investment Manager who will create a custom-made investment strategy that meets the needs charted in your plan. We will provide you with a detailed report charting the financial solutions and reasons why they are suitable for your requirements, ensuring that you are in the best position possible.

Essential to the achievement of any wealth planning strategy is ensuring that we have a clear picture of your current personal and financial situation. This includes not only details of any current investments or strategies and your approach to investment risk, but also your short and long term planning needs, whether this includes just for yourself (it’s okay to think of yourself too ☺), family, your career, retirement or even legacy plans. Your Wealth Planner will work with you from the opening consultation right through to the execution of any strategies or individual guidance and will work with you monthly to conduct reviews at your request to ensure that you remain on track to meet your objectives.

As Wealth Planners, we identify the steps to take that enable you achieve your goals and will:

  • Define your present and future lifestyle vision, outlining any identified shortfalls
  • Define your current and future income and expenditure
  • Outline what your provisions are for your family in the event of unplanned financial events such as premature death, job loss or long term illness
  • Provide a clear understanding of the investment returns you need to be able to achieve your lifestyle vision
  • Provide you with an overview of a wealth planning strategy which maximizes the tax efficient solutions available and thereby minimizes the taxes that you will pay throughout your lifetime.