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Welcome to ADASHE

At Adashe, we are focused on helping you learn and understand the art of sustainable wealth savings and investment whilst harnessing opportunities for wealth creation. Afterall, what's the point of working so hard for your money if you cannot then organize yourself to enjoy it to the maximum?

At ADASHE, we grow investments into wealth.


  • About Three years ago I spotted an opportunity. Some would even say it was so big as could be described as life changing. At least for me personally, it seemed to have been; my confidence grew in leaps and bounds. It was real estate. Hold on, you might not be interested in real estate but there's a lesson in here. So, it would have cost millions to buy this parcel of land as it was in the highbrow area of Lagos state. Naturally, i thought

  • Talent has been described as “natural aptitude or skill”, the natural endowments of a person. Gifts can be described as special skills of a person. Are there any differences? For full effectiveness talents need to be developed. A person who is naturally skilled (talented) musically must still learn to play an instrument, often demanding years of practice. Most professional athletes not only have natural talent but they have developed this talent through years of practice and hard work; Gifts on the other hand are special skills that need to be

  • The dictionary definition of a goal is “the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”. Goals are essential to your development and success; when you have identified the object of your ambition, you then set a plan towards achieving said objectives. One of the effectiveness of your goal planner to should that it is measurable, ensuring that you are taking daily steps towards achieving the goals. However, if you feel like you've been at it for so long and you are not seeing the fruits

  • It's been said that you treat your money and finances the way you would your health and fitness. As a woman, I am conscious about my health. The most important reason is that I’d like to stay alive and healthy for my kids. The second reason being that I LOVE to look good; so whatever state of fitness that I consider “good” to me is what I strive to achieve and maintain. I guess the same can be said for my money and finances generally. You might be wondering what the

Adashe has been able to get me to focus on what's important with regards to my finances. Set goals and provided a road map on how I need to save, invest and build to achieve those goals.

Dami Agboola - Entrepreneur

Most times we think we don't need help with our finances, especially if we work in the financial sector (like me). Working with Adashe has shown me that I couldn't be more wrong about that assertion. They are clearly passionate about what they do and have opened my eyes to so many investment opportunities around me. They have also instilled the need for sound financial planning. I would advise any Woman who earns an income to sign up!

Nne Ovie - Catering Services

When I first saw the service I assumed only women could benefit, but I was wrong. Men have a role to play as financial leaders and this is a fantastic firm to help you get in the way.

Mr. Osipitan - IT Specialist

Thank you so very much for your most excellent work. I have finally found helpful, knowledgeable wealth and financial planning advise with the Adashe team.

Nnenna - Housewife

As a woman, I feel I have gained a great deal from the Adashe team. I am so pleased that the initial free consultation was offered during the launch of Adashe. I now feel part of a team I can rely on for planning my wealth and finances, income protection, and a detailed plan on my savings and overall long term goals. It has been beneficial to me as a woman with a family; on managing my income and diversifying my income into different investments for multiple streams of income

Mrs Naj - Economist

Adashe really helped me make the smallest amounts of money count towards my investment goals. Regardless of income band, they provide workable solutions to help you grow or preserve your funds. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to speak to their financial planner. Thanks Adashe!

Mrs Benson - Lawyer

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