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Talent has been described as “natural aptitude or skill”, the natural endowments of a person. Gifts can be described as special skills of a person. Are there any differences? For full effectiveness talents need to be developed. A person who is naturally skilled (talented) musically must still learn to play an instrument, often demanding years of practice. Most professional athletes not only have natural talent but they have developed this talent through years of practice and hard work; Gifts on the other hand are special skills that need to be exercised but does this mean that you don’t have to develop your skills? No. I can explain the difference between both by this; I might have musical talent in me, but if I never get a chance to use an instrument or open my mouth to sing, I might never be aware of it but with a gift, it’s a part of your everyday life, a natural skill such as is expressed by your mere existence.

When I was younger, I complained constantly to my friends and everybody around me really that I had no talents. I was surrounded by people with great artistic skills in fashion design, art, dance, sports, hair making skills, music, trading (buying and selling stuff) etc. I always felt like something was missing because I couldn’t seem to find what I was good at that could make a way for me (by this I mean, make money).  I spoke with many people (anyone who cared enough to listen to me) and the first thing they would ask is “what do you love doing?”. I searched myself inside and out and could only come up with one thing – cooking, because i really LOVE food (I am not allergic to any food and i love all food type :)). But you see, as much as I loved food, I didn’t particularly like cooking for a living; it didn’t even appeal to me! So I had a dilemma, it was either I found something else that I loved or I could look into being a food critic. Now that just seemed too daunting…plus how exactly would I make a career out of criticizing food (little did I know that in the jet age, anything was possible).

If someone asked what talents we have, what would you say? You might start to think of things that fall under the definition of talent above. You may not be creative in artistic areas like singing, dancing, or writing or we might have forgotten what talents we have as they have been blurred into building our career, making money, paying the mortgage, putting our kids through college, saving for retirement. But we may have abilities we do not recognize as talents. We may have special skills in organizing, making friends, bringing peace, teaching others, or caring for children that forms part of our very existence and that could be our gift. Steve Harvey says the first step, is to understand the difference between your talent and your gift.

If you take some time to search within yourself, be conscious of your habits, you will find those skills that you exercise daily and have not paid attention to which are your gifts. It took me a while, but I finally took note of the things that made me happy, whole, satisfied. I realised that I love the thrills that come with making money through investments and trading activities; I love teaching people how to manage their money and grow it; I love finding opportunities (I have a great eye for spotting money/business opportunities in EVERYTHING). All of these various things put together are my gifts. I could sit with a hundred people and while they see other things, I only see business/money making opportunities. So finally, I was proud to say I might not have any natural talents but I am gifted! And my gift will make way for me.

When you’ve identified your talents/gifts and have started to enjoy the “way” they make for you, you need to then begin to plan and put yourself together so that the “way”made will not be wasted as the saying goes, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. What would be the essence of identifying your gift if all you do is enjoy the moment without any thoughts for the future. At Adashe consulting, we provide personalized and practical guidance to finding opportunities that help ensure that the fruits of your gifts are not wasted.

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