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Our Background

As women, we all dream of financial freedom. A good number of us know what to invest in and how to invest, but years down the line we look back and cannot see a pile of money as we should have, given the knowledge of investing that we have. There are also a good number of us who need directions when it comes to making decisions about opportunities for wealth creation that we might have. However, we would all like to be up to date on wealth creation opportunities as they become available so that we are at least able to assess and determine what is good for us or otherwise.

Many of the existing resources are focused on those who already have the knowledge and are working towards their goals rather than the vast majority of women who need someone to hold their hands through the everyday steps of achieving financial freedom.

At Adashe, we are focused on helping you learn and understand the art of sustainable wealth savings and investment whilst harnessing opportunities for wealth creation. Afterall, what’s the point of working so hard for your money if you cannot then organize yourself to enjoy it to the maximum?

Adashe has been able to get me to focus on what's important with regards to my finances. Set goals and provided a road map on how I need to save, invest and build to achieve those goals.

Dami Agboola - Entrepreneur

Most times we think we don't need help with our finances, especially if we work in the financial sector (like me). Working with Adashe has shown me that I couldn't be more wrong about that assertion. They are clearly passionate about what they do and have opened my eyes to so many investment opportunities around me. They have also instilled the need for sound financial planning. I would advise any Woman who earns an income to sign up!

Nne Ovie - Catering Services

When I first saw the service I assumed only women could benefit, but I was wrong. Men have a role to play as financial leaders and this is a fantastic firm to help you get in the way.

Mr. Osipitan - IT Specialist