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Deliberately Wealthy…II

About Three years ago I spotted an opportunity. Some would even say it was so big as could be described as life changing. At least for me personally, it seemed to have been; my confidence grew in leaps and bounds.

It was real estate. Hold on, you might not be interested in real estate but there’s a lesson in here. So, it would have cost millions to buy this parcel of land as it was in the highbrow area of Lagos state. Naturally, i thought…scratch that, I knew that I couldn’t afford it. But you see, I was very interested. So I had to figure out a way to get it.

I won’t bore you with the details of how it came to be (maybe in another post 😁) but eventually I had come up with a foolproof plan of how I could at least have a piece of this opportunity I spotted. I needed 8 people to join me on this journey. I figured that if we could split the cost of the land eight ways with flexible payment negotiated (we had some power/knowledge that would help us achieve this) we could buy the land. Even if all we got was capital appreciation, upon selling the land, we would have made returns of about 40% in my projection.

So the search for these 7 people began (now this is where the lesson in this story lies). I searched high and low. I asked those I “perceived” would have the money to embark on this journey with me. I preached and dreamt and painted pictures of the beautiful future ahead should they join me on the journey. But alas I heard the same story from almost all of them

“This is a fantastic opportunity, if only it were two years down the line then I’d have saved enough to join you”

“I believe in the projections but I have too many things I’m sorting out right now ”

“How do you want me to come up with this payment now? It’s quite a lot even though we can pay over two years. Two years is a lot”

So basically, they weren’t prepared for the opportunity but they all BELIEVED strongly that given time (2-3years), they would be.

Fast forward to 3 years after. We had finished paying (yes, I somehow managed to find 7 other people to join me). Another opportunity came again. This time I needed 10 people for an amount that was less than the previous. Returns promised to be around 50%. I returned to those my friends who had asked me to give them 2-3yrs as I believed they would now be ready to join the train. But alas! Was I shocked?

Not only had life events happened, which we all pray for sometimes…people getting married, kids being born, children starting school etc); the economy had taken a turn for the worse. Inflation was at very high levels. And yes, you guessed right! They still couldn’t partake in this new opportunity!

Why do you think they were unable to? You need to be deliberate about your finances.

…deliberately wealthy

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